Scroll down for results Mr. Mrs. and Miss. TWITTER ROYALTY CONTEST!

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November’s Competition is dedicated to supporting Breast Cancer Awareness: Follow ALL contestants on TWITTER’S HASHTAG: “#SavethaTaTas!”

Last Up-Dated Monday 1st November 2010 (Scroll down for November’s results)


Robin Smith– her email is: and phone is: 405-795-LOOK (5665). Message from robin to y’all:

Great job everyone- Keep up the support- Love it! We are entering the final week so turn up the heat!

Entry is now open until THURSDAY October 28th . NEWSFLASH: All nominees will go through to the final stages!

Important Notice: the competition has been judged on how well the contestants & their followers promote BREAST CANCER AWARENESS ~ THEMSELVES, & THE COMPETITON as well as HOW MANY VOTES THEY RECEIVE! 


November’s Miss TWITTER Nominees so far are:

@MagisterCass @Miss_concept @SheGotCake @humorme46 @RightGirl @Kiizygirl @beebeeberry21 @Desolationway @sexytoydiva @littlesuzy @therealICIELYNN @Hairy_Clarey @EAwrite @solacedup_ @KIELEYMONSTA @_zafrina_ @Iwantaboobjob @jc76 @ImaRoyalBitch @KattaContreras @Baby_DUK3S @Oprah @Miss_C_Forbes @iBE_T1tSlaPPiN @LadyGaga @TheBlogunteer @stacy_pearson

November’s Mr. TWITTER Nominees: @BarackObama @Bobby_8 @BOYBAND_X @DaBeigeOne @EvanPokroy @SPARTICUSIAN @DavidCameron @MUSEATART @steelerbilly92 @JoshMiami @BillZucker

November’s Mrs. TWITTER Nominees: @MrsStephenFry @FollowTeamUSA @KimRSchofield @Down2thelow @Cindy_444 @mrs_jigsaw1 @frozenangel1

October’s Miss Mr. & Mrs. TWITTER WINNERS:

Miss. TWITTER @SheGotCake  runner up: @Miss_Concept @Ritzy_Bitch 

Mr. TWITTER @DaBeigeOne runner up: @CallMeRonny @BOYBAND_X

Mrs. TWITTER @MrsStephenFry runner up @FollowTeamUSA

PLEASE HELP @SheGotCake & @DaBeigeOne in Raising Awareness & Supporting Breast Cancer Research at

Check out our Theme Tune Shadows of Silence: 

Coordinator: @BlogginJoe

Results for November’s Contests will be entered on November 1st:

Judge’s Results For November’s Mr. Mrs. & Miss Twitter, (WINNERS awarded 5 points 2nd 3 points 3rd 1 point)


Miss Twitter 1st @SheGotCake 2nd @MagisterCass 3rd therealICIELYNN Mr Twitter 1st @DaBeigeOne 2nd @EvanPokroy 3rd @MUSEATART Mrs Twitter 1st @Frozenangel1 2nd @humorme46 3rd @FollowTeamUSA


Miss Twitter 1st @SheGotCake 2nd @EAwrite 3rd @Desolationway Mr Twitter 1st @DaBeigeOne 2nd @Bobby_8 3rd @steelerbilly92 Mrs Twitter 1st @FollowTeamUSA 2nd @Humorme46 3rd @MrsStephenFry


Miss Twitter 1st @SheGotCake 2nd @therealICIELYNN 3rd @KattaContreras Mr Twitter 1st @DaBeigeOne 2nd @SPARTICUSIAN 3rd @BarackObama Mrs Twitter 1st @Down2thelow 2nd @FollowTeamUSA 3rd @FrozenAngel


Miss Twitter 1st @MagisterCass 2nd @SheGotCake 3rd @EAwrite Mr Twitter 1st @DaBeigeOne 2nd @Bobby_8 @BarackObama Mrs Twitter 1st @MrsStephenFry 2nd @Down2thelow 3rd @FollowTeamUSA

@JoeyGiggles http://www.zazzle…

Miss Twitter 1st @SheGotCake 2nd @EAwrite 3rd @KattaContreras Mr Twitter 1st @DaBeigeOne 2nd @SPARTICUSIAN 3rd @Bobby_8 Mrs Twitter 1st @FollowTeamUSA 2nd @FrozenAngel 3rd Down2thelow


Miss Twitter 1st @EAwrite 2nd @Hairy__Carey 3rd @Desolationway Mr Twitter 1st @SPARTICUSIAN 2nd @DaBeigeOne 3rd @Bobby_8 Mrs Twitter 1st @FollowTeamUSA 2nd @Frozenangel 3rd @MrsStephenFry


MISS TWITTER 1st @SheGotCake 23 points 2nd @EAwrite 12 points 3rd @MagisterCass 8 points

Mr TWITTER 1st @DaBeigeOne 28 points 2nd @SPATICUSIAN 11 points 3rd @Bobby_8 8 points

Mrs Twitter 1st @FollowTeamUSA 20 points 2nd @Frozenangel1 12 points 3rd @Down2thelow 9 points 


Please leave concise details about your nominee or yourself in the comment section below, and the reason why we should consider your nominee or you as a candidate for Mr. Mrs. or Miss TWITTER?

The prize is a HUGE PROMOTIONAL PUSH for all Competition contestants throughout the last two weeks of October, which could net the eventual winners a possible 1,000,000+ NEW FOLLOWERS, and the coverted prize of November’s Mr. Mrs. or Miss TWITTER.


Jobs-USA-Jobs; Chin-Wag-Corner! Whiteboard-Messages-Ideas-Chat!

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Ok Folks this is your very own forum at: “The World’s Longest Blog.” You can message me direct on TWITTER @BlogginJoe

Don’t forget to tick the e-mail response box so you will receive comment notification when someone responds.

JOBS-JOBS-JOBS: here is a message from robin smith, co-founder of

Robin is bucking the trend at the moment and whipping the “HUGE SLEEPING GIANT USA ECONOMY” back into shape by not only creating jobs across the whole of the United States of America, but also by clamping down on cybercriminal crime as her huge corporation develops.


“Good morning! I am always looking to increase my “Looker” database. The United States is a large territory to cover and, even if I have more than one Looker in the same zip code, they could be on vacation, etc….The more the merrier!

Our Lookers tell us their zip code coverage area and must be able to drive to an item, property or person’s location. Upon arriving, the Looker must have access to either a digital camera or cell camera (many of the new phones have great cameras and video capabilities). The Looker must also have access to a computer (obviously the bloggers do) in order to upload the photos and completed report to us.

There is more info on Lookers on our our “discussion” page on fb- along with a Looker application link.

There is a Looker application link on our homepage next to the “Looker Login” button and here is the link as well:

I will be more than happy to answer any questions – my email is: and phone is: 405-795-LOOK (5665).”

THANK YOU ROBIN! May I suggest to anyone who is interested in teaming up with robin that they first watch her enthralling job news video before they phone her just click onto:

Weekly Articles From Our City Editor Stacy Dean:

For sale: stunning diamond wedding ring set. It began with an advertisement on Craig’s List. Their motto is: sell in person and accept cash. The scams started coming in faster than termites.

One girl took the cake for best “scammer.” She claimed to be from the area; however, because “Grandmum” became ill, she had flown “out of country” to be with her.

The rings were a gift for her friend. She needed them soon because he was getting married within three weeks! (And to think, I always thought nice, quality candlesticks or a picture frame was appropriate!)

Instead of cash, she had this service, Alert Pay. Best of all, they would send the money right to me!

They emailed me: send the rings with delivery confirmation to the recipient…in NIGERIA! Then, email number and they would send the money to me.

I put some “new address” cards for the couple in an envelope and went to mail my “test!” That’s when I learned about Nigeria and “relations” with the U.S. Postal Service. Hint: there are none. They don’t mail jewelry or offer delivery confirmation.

I emailed my scammer friend to let her know…for better or for worse…she had been caught!


More weekly stories from our City Editor STACY DEAN for those interested in light humor entertainment…

Pressure at work was high. Marital problems weren’t helping. The stress made me eat! I looked pregnant and had undergone a hysterectomy.

First hint: I was walking behind my “dieting” boss and noticed that his butt looked smaller than mine. This WHITE-haired man was old enough to be my dad!

Final wake-up call: “Stacy, are you pregnant?” an accounting friend asked. “No, I’m fat!” I said. Then, another “bean-counter” friend inquired about a baby shower. I was mad!

I traced the “father” of the rumors, the CFO, and marched into his office. I announced: “Russ, I’m fat but not pregnant. In the future, should you question my physical or mental condition, please ask me directly.”

I thanked him.  “I now have the drive to lose this pregnancy.” Then, I added, “By the way, Russ, I’m not gay either.” I laughed and left – just thought I would cover all my bases! Ha!

 At the high, I was 165.  Thanks to exercise and eating healthier, I’m at 108.

About that baby shower (especially for my British buds), they can stick those “pounds” they would have spent on cake and punch up their “bloody” behinds! (Since mine is much small than theirs now!)


Joining a sorority at a large college can be tough. The process is like a group of FBI agents knowing all about you – and you knowing very little.

For most, Greek life was usually reserved for thoroughbreds. I fit more into the mutt class – a mix of an Arabian horse and a Shetland pony.

While not privileged, I had the resume and grades making it hard for sororities to ignore. The houses played the game well – your “host” was usually just like you!

One house made a mistake and matched me with a wealthy socialite. Her first question ended all rapport. “What do your parents do?” she asked.

Then, our “family business” was born – within seconds!

We owned a trash company. My dad drove the truck, my mom and brother (I don’t have one) rode the sides and dumped the cans, and my sister and I cleaned the truck.

“Oh, the truck reeked with maggots! You wouldn’t believe the nasty things you would find.” She stopped me; her face was white! I guess she was “done” with the details.

I was sure to be “cut” or rejected by the house, but I wasn’t! I “cut” them for being so trashy!

Hope everyone enjoys: “Chin-Wag-Corner?” look forward to reading all your comments, and ideas.





init? HELP CREATE THE WORLD’S LONGEST BLOG! 1,000s of Hits Daily ALL Reading YOUR Wonderful Amazing Creative Ten Word Blogs!

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Last Updated Wednesday 6th October. 1,000,000 FOLLOWERS joined us here at:

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