Scroll down for results Mr. Mrs. and Miss. TWITTER ROYALTY CONTEST!

November’s Competition is dedicated to supporting Breast Cancer Awareness: Follow ALL contestants on TWITTER’S HASHTAG: “#SavethaTaTas!”

Last Up-Dated Monday 1st November 2010 (Scroll down for November’s results)


Robin Smith– her email is: and phone is: 405-795-LOOK (5665). Message from robin to y’all:

Great job everyone- Keep up the support- Love it! We are entering the final week so turn up the heat!

Entry is now open until THURSDAY October 28th . NEWSFLASH: All nominees will go through to the final stages!

Important Notice: the competition has been judged on how well the contestants & their followers promote BREAST CANCER AWARENESS ~ THEMSELVES, & THE COMPETITON as well as HOW MANY VOTES THEY RECEIVE! 


November’s Miss TWITTER Nominees so far are:

@MagisterCass @Miss_concept @SheGotCake @humorme46 @RightGirl @Kiizygirl @beebeeberry21 @Desolationway @sexytoydiva @littlesuzy @therealICIELYNN @Hairy_Clarey @EAwrite @solacedup_ @KIELEYMONSTA @_zafrina_ @Iwantaboobjob @jc76 @ImaRoyalBitch @KattaContreras @Baby_DUK3S @Oprah @Miss_C_Forbes @iBE_T1tSlaPPiN @LadyGaga @TheBlogunteer @stacy_pearson

November’s Mr. TWITTER Nominees: @BarackObama @Bobby_8 @BOYBAND_X @DaBeigeOne @EvanPokroy @SPARTICUSIAN @DavidCameron @MUSEATART @steelerbilly92 @JoshMiami @BillZucker

November’s Mrs. TWITTER Nominees: @MrsStephenFry @FollowTeamUSA @KimRSchofield @Down2thelow @Cindy_444 @mrs_jigsaw1 @frozenangel1

October’s Miss Mr. & Mrs. TWITTER WINNERS:

Miss. TWITTER @SheGotCake  runner up: @Miss_Concept @Ritzy_Bitch 

Mr. TWITTER @DaBeigeOne runner up: @CallMeRonny @BOYBAND_X

Mrs. TWITTER @MrsStephenFry runner up @FollowTeamUSA

PLEASE HELP @SheGotCake & @DaBeigeOne in Raising Awareness & Supporting Breast Cancer Research at

Check out our Theme Tune Shadows of Silence: 

Coordinator: @BlogginJoe

Results for November’s Contests will be entered on November 1st:

Judge’s Results For November’s Mr. Mrs. & Miss Twitter, (WINNERS awarded 5 points 2nd 3 points 3rd 1 point)


Miss Twitter 1st @SheGotCake 2nd @MagisterCass 3rd therealICIELYNN Mr Twitter 1st @DaBeigeOne 2nd @EvanPokroy 3rd @MUSEATART Mrs Twitter 1st @Frozenangel1 2nd @humorme46 3rd @FollowTeamUSA


Miss Twitter 1st @SheGotCake 2nd @EAwrite 3rd @Desolationway Mr Twitter 1st @DaBeigeOne 2nd @Bobby_8 3rd @steelerbilly92 Mrs Twitter 1st @FollowTeamUSA 2nd @Humorme46 3rd @MrsStephenFry


Miss Twitter 1st @SheGotCake 2nd @therealICIELYNN 3rd @KattaContreras Mr Twitter 1st @DaBeigeOne 2nd @SPARTICUSIAN 3rd @BarackObama Mrs Twitter 1st @Down2thelow 2nd @FollowTeamUSA 3rd @FrozenAngel


Miss Twitter 1st @MagisterCass 2nd @SheGotCake 3rd @EAwrite Mr Twitter 1st @DaBeigeOne 2nd @Bobby_8 @BarackObama Mrs Twitter 1st @MrsStephenFry 2nd @Down2thelow 3rd @FollowTeamUSA

@JoeyGiggles http://www.zazzle…

Miss Twitter 1st @SheGotCake 2nd @EAwrite 3rd @KattaContreras Mr Twitter 1st @DaBeigeOne 2nd @SPARTICUSIAN 3rd @Bobby_8 Mrs Twitter 1st @FollowTeamUSA 2nd @FrozenAngel 3rd Down2thelow


Miss Twitter 1st @EAwrite 2nd @Hairy__Carey 3rd @Desolationway Mr Twitter 1st @SPARTICUSIAN 2nd @DaBeigeOne 3rd @Bobby_8 Mrs Twitter 1st @FollowTeamUSA 2nd @Frozenangel 3rd @MrsStephenFry


MISS TWITTER 1st @SheGotCake 23 points 2nd @EAwrite 12 points 3rd @MagisterCass 8 points

Mr TWITTER 1st @DaBeigeOne 28 points 2nd @SPATICUSIAN 11 points 3rd @Bobby_8 8 points

Mrs Twitter 1st @FollowTeamUSA 20 points 2nd @Frozenangel1 12 points 3rd @Down2thelow 9 points 


Please leave concise details about your nominee or yourself in the comment section below, and the reason why we should consider your nominee or you as a candidate for Mr. Mrs. or Miss TWITTER?

The prize is a HUGE PROMOTIONAL PUSH for all Competition contestants throughout the last two weeks of October, which could net the eventual winners a possible 1,000,000+ NEW FOLLOWERS, and the coverted prize of November’s Mr. Mrs. or Miss TWITTER.


571 Responses to “Scroll down for results Mr. Mrs. and Miss. TWITTER ROYALTY CONTEST!”

  1. Concise Format For Your Nominee or Your Own Entry into the competitions

    1) TWITTER Name

    2) Optional: Web-Site or Blog for further information about you.

    3) Question 1: Hypothetically, let’s say we are all animals in clothes, what type of animal would you say your nominee or you were and why?

    4) Question 2: What is your nominees or your favourite bird & why?

    5) Brief details of why you think your candidate or you should win November’s Competition.?

    • October’s crowned King and Queen
      Mr. and Miss TWITTER

      @SheGotCake and @DaBeigeone

      automatically qualify for Twitter’s Royalty Competition.

      As does the Queen Mum Mrs. TWITTER


    • 3putchu2bed Says:

      I vote for @TheRealICIELYNN, she’s da the best and she mad cool cuz

      • Richy Rich Says:

        i vote for a very special lady MagisterCass she has made a huge effort to broadcast breast cancer awareness to the world and deserves the title for all her hard work.

    • she’s definitely class, my vote is for magistercass.

      • iam the next miss twitter iam raising awareness for cancer research uk, by singing all around my home town and surounding areas with a group of other singers last week we were in chester.(bandstand).river dee, i sang whilst ill, because i didnt want to let any one down,i will also be singing in the little theatre in Birkenhead in november show is called MOORE VARIETY SHOW from…25th/26/27/come along and show your support …i along with everyone else partisipating are trying to pay the wages for one macmillon nurse for a year… iam a lone parent carer with two teenage children, one son age fifteen who has complex specific special needs……whos says women cant multitask!!!
        twitter name….frozenangel1…..follow me

    • i’m @kurokawahayato
      All. I hope we can share valuable insights with each other. Tweet with you soon =) speak english,japanese and indonesian

    • I think that @SheGotCake should win cause she is promoting Breast Cancer awareness and thats a positive call, and quite frankly I think she has no real competion, Real Talk Go Team @SheGotCake!!!!!

    • @SheGotCake is a butterfly, b/c in my mind they’re the animal closest to an Angel. Her favorite bird is the flamingo b/c they’re pretty in pink! @SheGotCake should win November’s Competition B/C I SAID SO.

    • @BowDownToDaKing Says:

      i vote for @SheGotCake

    • @CuteBombShell Says:

      i vote for @AddictiveAly, @ChelseaYTF and @SheWolf_LeahC coz they are always there for me no matter what, they are good friends who deserve this

  2. I nominate myself @Bobby_8 for Mr. TWITTER

    i’m a 60 yr old musician a grandad a father and husband to the best girl i ever met!!

    • every musician is special there is never an age limit , music is used as therapy in all areas of life….
      breast cancer, give generously
      great competion well organised and advertised…..
      i enjoy singing country, abba, elvis, and so much more…
      follow me….frozenangel1

    • Everyone has got to vote for the beautiful MagisterCass what a great contest, I vote for MC.

  3. I nominate MYSELF @boyband_x for november mr. Twitter!

  4. crisyjustsaid Says:

    I nominate myself @crisyjustsaid as Miss TWITTER

    I hope I win!

  5. Stacy Dean Says:

    I nominate myself @humorme46 as Mrs. Twitter of November. Why? Because five years ago, I was notified of a “mistake” made on my mammography — a year later. The mistake, a mass that had doubled in size now, was of unknown origin. I researched the entire state to locate the best surgeon specializing in breast cancer and found her! For one month, I waited for my appointment, not knowing if I had cancer or not. She performed the biopsy, it was diagnosed as benign, but she removed it anyhow to calm my fears. Every year since then, I’m considered “special.” (ha!) I go to the incredible Betty Ford Cancer Treatment Center, Grand Rapids, MI — built by and named after Betty Ford in the home of former President Gerald Ford. It is there where I sit and get a “special” computerized, latest & greatest mammogram with many other women — every NOVEMBER! We have all had problems in the past, some with cancer; some without. I have “celebrated” every year as I depart; I’ve also cried and hugged another who just got the “news” and lost a part of their heart!

  6. I’m gonna nominate:
    @RightGirl for Miss Twitter. Since she’s posting pictures of her breasts in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness

    @KimRSchofield for Mrs. Twitter. She’s the best Mom on Twitter. Ever.

    and sure, me @EvanPokroy for Mr. Twitter. ’cause I very passionately believe in saving all the breasts possible.

  7. Magister Cassandra Says:

    Good evening. I would like to nominate myself (@MagisterCass) for Miss Twitter November. I am Cassandra, the Vampire Magister of Northern Europe. I am an extremely kind yet sexy woman. I am a friend to everyone. However, I do love a tasty treat every now and again and only bite those that are willing. I have seen much in my many years on this earth. You may come to me for a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen to your problems.

    A warning though, I am a very sexual vampire and show it on my timeline. Therefore my account is protected to attempt to restrict minors from my tweets.

    I should be Miss Twitter November due to my loving nature and many friends, my ablitity to cheer up the broken hearted and the lonely and my knack for bringing sexy back ~winks~ And, finally, eveyone should follow at least one vampire or their friendship circle is not complete…

    • Dave Cooper Says:

      WOW! My vote goes to MaisterCass, what a photo, that’s how to wear a pink twibbon.

    • Jazz your man Says:

      Vote for the Cass!

    • Billy the Wisp Says:

      No contest Cass should be declared winner today!

    • JonnyBlackeyes Says:

      I vote for SUPER MODEL MagisterCass!

    • rampant Pedge Says:

      No contest my vote goes to MG!

    • Tony Moran Motors Says:

      Fabulous display of the pink twibbon, MagisterCass sets this competition alight, and definitely gets my vote! Wish she would advertise some of my motors, they’d sell like hotcakes.

    • Peter the dancer Says:

      MagisterCass gets my vote, what a mover.

    • Ivote 4 magister cass

    • Mikayla @Dirty_Mikayla Says:

      You will always be my number 1 baby *blows kisses* @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass


      • Rocky Roberts Says:

        I give my vote to MagisterCass

      • wow, wow, wow…come on lads put your eyes back in to your head…i know that most of you may have the hotts for MagisterCass…maybe she is all what you say she is and good on her for that…go girl power etc..big boobs false or not…that isnt what we are all here for , IS IT ?
        this isnt Miss big boobs,
        Miss vampire….or
        Miss supermodel.
        IT IS BREAST CANCER AWARENESS.!…lets not lose sight of this , what we are all here make a differance….so lets do this…..hey
        ps, respect to MagisterCass whatever her strengths are…..X

        frozenangel1 follow me…..

  8. Complete coverage of November’s Mr. Mrs. & Miss TWITTER Competition.

    My “PAPER” will tell it all.

    Its unlike any other compilation out there. Our motto is: “Bringing the world closer, one month at a time.” Just with one wave of advertising for our new division we’ve managed to fill 4 holidays special issues. However, our main speciality is exclusive interviews with major A-lister stars as well as unknowns, (on the rise), added 5 employees meeting and establishing rapport with twitter. We currently now have a crossword, & amp; talk pc,q+a for the stars, music talent section, racing section, a monthlyart show” by the one and only World Famous Diego Valdez.

    We have gone from a no name on twitter to as I see in the near future: “A TWITTER HOUSEHOLD NAME!” Our main goal here at DSMarketing and Advertising’s iPAPARAZZI! WORLDWIDE division is to provide one forum where all eyes can go to find that charity they want to support or that talent mentor life coach they need or exposure of new talent in “music, art or acting.”

    Whatever YOUR need we will cater for it, we cover such a wide array of talents in our industry on both sides of the fence.

    To my knowledge we are the only “PAPER” where you can have a A-lister on one page and then a no-name on the next, and they BOTH find each other when looking at their ads, check it out guys & gals it’s free for the moment.

    Please submit any requests via twitter it will be nice to hear from you:~

    Mr. David DiBiasi

  9. Although I’m not old enough to enter the Mr. TWITTER competition

    I like you all to know that I live through Twitter , wake up on Twitter, and fall asleep on Twitter. I send text messages from my phone to Twitter when I’m in school . I just love the site because it’s a way to express your random thoughts . I am 16, a Junior in High school , and a smart funny young man. When I’m eighteen I want to enter the Mr. TWITTER COMPETITION.

  10. Well I was just about to nominate myself @followteamUSA for Mrs Twitter untill I read Stacy’s story above and now feel rather humbled by that.

    So before I continue with my own nomination
    I’d like to place a vote for @humorme46.

    Now to me…. I am a tall, slim, classy curvaceous woman who is every man’s dream and every woman’s best friend!

    I am loyal, witty and extremely well educated. I love to play but work hard too so unfortunately don’t spend as much time on Twitter as I would like. I have 2 jobs and a young family so I guess I have become a bit of an expert juggler too. A jack of all trades! But I make a pretty good Mrs… just ask my husband…

    So have fun and FollowTeamUSA…..

    Vote for me… you won’t regret it…

  11. I nominate myself to represent all the big ladies out there! Often plus size females feel they can’t do certain things because the media and society says so. Well I’m here to change that. YES WE CAN!!!

    I rep #teamblackberry and #teamlibra and #teamBigGirlsRock

    Word up!

  12. Hi everyone, I would like to nominate myself @kiizygirl for Miss Twitter November!

    I’m a law grad and member of High n Fly Entertainment! I love my HNF family! I am still pretty new to Twitter however I feel I should be considered for Miss Twitter because I’m loyal to my followers and follow back! I show a lot of love on Twitter and I feel that because of this I would be an ideal candidate! I think Miss Twitter should be represented by someone smart, kind, generous, loyal and friendly and I believe I possess these qualities!


  13. I nominate myself @beebeeberry21 for miss twitter november cos I think and feel I have all the qualities..and I will also like to be part of the awareness for breast cancer and also to help them in the way I can…BLESS

  14. Hello
    I nominate myself @sexytoydiva as Miss Twitter. I have a family with a horrible history of cancer, My grandmother died of breast cancer, and my mother currently has cancer. Doctors look at me and say that really it’s not a matter of if I will get cancer, but WHEN. I don’t plan on being their statistic, I think that it’s hugely important to raise awareness about breast cancer, and to come up with possible preventative methods so that no woman or man (my great grand father had breast cancer) should ever have to go through this horrible experience.

    I am currently working towards my Masters of Science in Mental Health Counseling, I have a genuine love for people. Everyone that comes by my twitter account, knows that they can speak to me. I’m extremely personable, and I am open and honest about myself. I’m all about the uplifting of women without having to bash men. I believe that women should band together and support one another, because we have a lot of power and if we harness it, we can achieve greatness.

    I am pursing my plus sized modeling career, and so far I’m doing pretty well in this venture, I like to show that you don’t have to be petite or thin to be beautiful. I carry myself with grace and class, and I like to show other plus size women that they can do the same. It’s very important that women of all sizes and shapes embrace themselves because we’re all beautiful and have something to offer the world.

    Thank You

  15. Hi ya’ll bloggers n tweeters, I’m nominating myself for Miss Twitter, @Desolationway, was a complete surprise as I tweet more than I blog, but I’m willing to give it a whirl! When I was younger, such a long time ago lo, I wanted the skill of making people laugh, n never thought I had that skill, but over the years, lots of ups n downs gave me the confidence to put mysef out there, I’m always being told I’m funny on twitter n ultimately I make people laugh, so my mission is well n truly accomplished, I think! Lol: ))))))

    • noemiehugehug Says:

      I vote and you have to vote for @desolationway for #misstwitternovember !! Because she is NICE, AMAZING and WONDERFUL ! hug for her!

    • I nominate @Desolationway for Miss Twitter. In the time that I have ‘known’ her she has been nothing but kind, funny, cheerful , helpful and a constant source of inspiration. Love the way she tweets non stop (!!) and raises and supports issues that everyone should take an interest in. Top girl, top nomination.

  16. don’t start without giving @MUSEATART a chance!

    I am nominating myself!

    if ever I had a chance!

    vote for me!

    Good idea for a blog Joe, helping other people is what we do at Muse@Art. Its what makes the net~work

  17. Suzie Sudduth Says:

    I nominate @littlesuzy (myself) for Miss. Twitter! I am fairly new to twitter land but I am learning as I go… Kudos to Blogger Joe for bringing awareness to Breast Cancer!!! I am always on BOARD for a GREAT cause.

    Thanks Blogger Joe.

  18. I nominate @msdown2thelow for Mrs. Twitter! She’s sexy, sassy & successful!
    She’d be a fantastic Mrs. Twitter! #teamsexy

  19. babyduk3s Says:

    hi i am nominating mysellf to win …just because Im’ the shit ‘n’ I should 🙂 thanks…

  20. I feel like I would be great for the Mr. Ms. and Miss Twitter competition because I always give my followers lots of positive energy and love. I love to follow my followers back and talk to all of them to keep them encouraged throughout the day… I also like to keep my followers entertained with funny quotes sayings and jokes. Lets just say I wanna be the positive change in all my followers lives. I would also love to raise money for breast cancer awareness month =) – @therealICIELYNN

    • Mike Cash Says:

      She is not lying she followed me back and I love her tweetsShe also tells all of her followers to support breast cancer but she does it in such a funny way. She’s positive peeps for real. I vote @therealICIELYNN

    • jerrybuck Says:

      i vote for @TheRealICIELYNN it’s great the girl and very pretty and I like what she says

    • voting for @therealICIELYNN

    • jerrybuck Says:

      I also like the initiative to support breast cancer by @therealICIELYNN of course she’s have my vote

    • therealicielynn is a perfect candidate for Ms Twitter! give her the title now!

    • The realicelyn is really cool and deserves to win miss twitter,I have been following her for a while now on my old account(@opemii) and now at @mrodada. She’s cool foolows back and is sexy too + she’s a beautiful strong africanamerican. We both libra too. She must win so I’d enter and win for mr.twitter(lol)

    • I agree that that therealicielynn becuase she is a great positive influence. She is very humble down to earth and a great person to talk to. She has her head on her shoulders and she will be a great dancer one day becuase she has the drive and motivation. Vote for her you will not be dissappointed if you do.

      Thanks in advance for showing her love

    • she should definitely win!!

    • I vote for her shes dope in my book and she can promote anything and people will listen

    • jewnthe13th Says:

      i would like for @therealICIELYNN to win she is a beautiful person and her twitter is the best. she is so true and she supports everyone. and she loves to support breast cancer she always makes her followers get a ribbon on their twitcon. she would really help u guys a whole bunch.

    • @sugahsweetened Says:

      @therealicielynn is gonna be the best winner for your competition

    • voting for @therealicielynn thanks


    • i would like @Therealicielynn to win

    • Going to vote for my lil lady @therealicielynn ❤ her!

    • mss icie lynn a.k.a @Therealicielynn for miss twitter she shows maddd luv!!!

    • I’ve gotta go with MagisterCass what a complete babe!

    • I’ve looked at all the girls in the competition and there’s only one who really stands out from the rest MgisterCass gets my vote she got to be the winner right from the start.

  21. I think I should have a go because I rock lol. Plus I’m tryin to get this breast cancer charity calendar & amp; launch party info out

    I’m @Hairy_Clarey

  22. @Dj_Sekret Says:

    i Vote for @TheRealICIELYNN cause shes a great n wonderful person alwayz knows how to cheer someone up and she supports #breastCancerAwarness to the fullest…if your looking for someone to become Ms Twitter it is @TheRealICIELYNN and dats #SekretApproved!!!

  23. I vote for @therealicielynn because she supports breast cancer and she loves her followers.

  24. Nice Information. Thank You.

  25. I vote for @therealicielynn to be Ms.Twitter because she’s very beautiful & she deserves to be Ms.Twitter .

  26. @SoloDoloDJ Says:

    I vote for @therealicielynn to be Ms. Twitter because she ‘s a down to earth person that shows love to all her followers and never promotes hate.

  27. Vote for @Shegotcake @dabeigeone @down2thelow because they support breast cancer awareness! #thinkpinkbca

  28. I vote for @shegotcake @dabeigeone @down2thelow because they are working so hard to promote Breast Cancer Awareness on Twitter, Facebook & many other Social Media Outlets via their #thinkpinkbca

  29. @5StarBee Says:

    I vote 4 @SheGotCake @dabeigeone @down2thelow
    For their support in the fight against Breast Cancer!
    Vote for #teamthinkpinkbca

  30. @thadavvonshow Says:

    My Votes are for @Shegotcake @dabeigeone @down2thelow. They are Wonderful people and they support a worthwhile cause. Breast Cancer Awareness.

  31. @o_ren_iishi Says:

    My nominations are for @dabeigeone & @shegotcake
    They make a cute couple and are very nice & very sociable to their followers, they ARE Mr&Mrs Twitter!

  32. @Trini_Train Says:

    My vote is for @shegotcake & @dabeigeone! They are doing an excellent job raising awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness. I lost someone close to me last year so I appreciate their efforts!

  33. @Trini_Zuelean Says:

    Hands down the titles of Mr & Mrs Twitter should go to @shegotcake @dabeigeone @down2thelow for their work on the #thinkpinkbca Campaign on twitter! Kudos on a job well done!

    • Ian Rogers Says:

      only one possible person who could advertise breast cancer awareness to its limits evreyone has to vote for MagisterCass

  34. I support Breast Cancer Awareness and contribute to the cure!! I nominate myself for Mrs. Twitter, @DaBeigeOne for Mr. Twitter, and @SheGotCake for Miss Twitter.

    Best wishes to all nominees, and thanks for your votes!!

  35. sexiibrownsugar Says:

    @dabeigeone for Mr. Twitter

    @SheGotCake for Miss Twitter

    No Contest!!!

  36. @TriniSugarCake Says:

    @Shegotcake 4 ms twitter
    @dabeigeone 4 mr twitter
    @down2thelow 4 mrs twitter
    Great work 4 breast cancer awareness.

    Thumbs up!

  37. @carterhouse_Music Says:

    I vote for #teamsexy @shegotcake (I love cake)
    @down2thelow & @dabeigeone they good people!

  38. ImHandsomeAF Says:

    I would like to vote for @shegotcakes for her fight against breat cancer

  39. I vote for @shegotcake

  40. Votes up for @therealICIELYNN as Miss Twitter.

  41. Stg_Allstars Says:

    The STG Click is routing for @shegotcake, without a doubt Che’ has NO Competition Whatsoever!!!

  42. Killa Kurvez Says:

    @Shegotcake @down2thelow @dabeigeone 4 Miss, Mrs & Mr Twitter because they are Twitter Royalty, reachout to their followers & support Breast Cancer Awareness!!!
    *Crown them now*
    ****GAME OVER****

  43. We nominate @EAwrite for Miss Twitter!
    She helps with so many nonprofits we work with, especially Breast Cancer Awareness fundraisers, Press releases, literature and devotes her own time to walk in order to help as well as an active participant in Relay for Life and Avon.

  44. his1nOnly Says:

    Supporting @shegotcake & @dabeigeone for Miss & Mr Twitter! Their Support for Breast Cancer Awareness is Phenomenal!

  45. Placing votes for @shegotcake & @dabeigeone.
    Their work in the community is priceless, their involvement in charity work is simply outstanding.

    Check out @shegotcake’s blog at You’ll be blown away! Get to know Che’

  46. Cheesecake King Says:

    Im voting for @shegotcake & @dabeigeone.. Cuz they gets it in

  47. I vote for @shegotcake @dabeigeone @down2thelow thank you!

  48. i think i @solacedup_ should win novembers competition because i am a positive person and i bring positive energy to my surroundings. i know someone who has breast cancer currently as i speak. i supported it by telling the whole football team to wear pink bandages the day of our homecoming which was last night. so good luck to me and all the other candidates.

  49. @therealicielynn shawty got da best tweets an She got all good qualities

  50. I vote for @therealICIELYNN

  51. @therealICIELYNN betta win…bottom line she the best

  52. i vote for @therealICIELYNN @therealICIELYNN @therealICIELYNN @therealICIELYNN @therealICIELYNN @therealICIELYNN @therealICIELYNN @therealICIELYNN @therealICIELYNN @therealICIELYNN

  53. Mii vote @therealICIELYNN

  54. Mrs. twitter is @therealICIELYNN for me she got my vote

  55. i nominate @TheRealICIELYNN for mrs.twitter.
    i love her haha shes dope

  56. Queen Czarina Says:

    SheGotCake is clearly the Winner!!!

  57. Langston Willis Says:

    I vote for @TheRealICIELYNN

  58. Trinizuelean Intl Says:

    Voting for @shegotcake @dabeigeone @down2thelow 4 the win!

  59. i nominate myself for Mrs. Twitter / Miss Twitter @KIELEYMONSTA

    – I FULLY support breast cancer month , one reason why my WHOLE profile is pink : )

  60. Live&Active Says:

    i would like to vote for @therealICIELYNN and @sexytoydiva

  61. @cherrydadon Says:

    goin 4@therealICIELYNN

  62. Live&Active Says:

    @therealicielynn and @sexytoydiva get my vote

  63. – haha , yhuu quys spelt my name wronq ! . ihts @KIELEYMONSTA ! : )

  64. @therealicielynn is it. If I could i would vote for lil momma twice 😉

  65. i think im going with @therealICIELYNN although im sure all the ladies are great…

  66. Devin Whidbee Says:

    Its DJ Whidbee and vote for my sis @kieleymonsta !!!

  67. I am voting for @TheRealICIELYNN. Cool all the way around…

  68. SheGotCake is really pushing this breast cancer piece. My cousin pass away from breast cancer. So this is a very serious matter. Knowledge of this cancer is important. My god bless u all. Enob.

  69. Floetry Catnap Says:

    voting for @shegotcake @dabeigeone @down2thelow

    • MagisterCass winner from the start of this competition I vote for her she’s a cut above the rest of the girls.

  70. voting for @shegotcake @dabeigeone @down2thelow, they are motivational, focused and positive individuals that are dedicated to the causes they support. Their BCA efforts are to be commended. ~ @floetrycatnap

  71. Bossof1self Says:

    @SheGotCake @dabeigeone @down2thelow

  72. Bossof1self Says:


  73. Tha Mistress Says:

    I vote 4 @shegotcake & @dabeigeone

  74. @dabeigeone & @shegotcake are the best canidates for Mr & Miss Twitter

  75. @dabeigeone & @shegotcake are the best candidates for Mr & Miss Twitter

  76. Guttazbitch Says:

    @SheGotCake was Going DUMB HARD even Before the Contest to Promote Breast Cancer. She deserves the the Crown yet again

  77. Blackanese Barbie Says:

    @SheGotCake & @dabeigeone are fierce supporters of breast cancer awareness that’s who I’m voting for

  78. Shegotcake all the way!

  79. Che & Day R the BEST!
    They R working together to promote Breast Cancer Awareness. @shegotcake @dabeigeone

  80. MzPrettyPuzzii Says:

    Shegotcake & dabeigeone
    For the winners

  81. Born's Boo Says:

    @Shegotcake @dabeigeone @down2thelow get my votes

  82. @shegotcake @down2thelow @dabeigeone should win

  83. The Chosen One Says:

    @SheGotCake is to be commended for raising awareness for breast cancer research & awareness. Follow her for News, info & inspirational tweets on Breast Cancer Awareness.

  84. bipolar boss bitch Says:

    The oh so sexy & sassy @Shegotcake, @down2thelow @dabeigeone #teamsexy need to win! They have my votes!

  85. I vote 4 her cause she’s beautiful, witty & smart. all she needs is a chance 2 prove her worth to be Ms. Twitter of the year!

  86. I vote 4 She’s got cakes cause she’s doing a great job pushing da breast cancer project & she’s cute, witty & smart bout the whole thing!

  87. On this page i meant She’s got cakes, vote now!!!

  88. @TheRealICIELYNN should win i love her

  89. I vote for @TheRealICIELYNN

  90. fred mance Says:

    I’m voting for @shegotcake its a winner handsdown!

  91. @shegotcake gets my votes! Check out her timeline! Its filled with info om Breast Cancer Facts & info! Hands down winner! No Other Contestant is raising awareness nor promoting the cause! #Nocontest @Shegotcake is the Clearly the WINNER!!!

  92. @TherealICIELYNN she really is a good person and should win.

  93. kevinlove Says:

    g0t 2 g0 f0r @TheRealICIELYNN she is already raising m0ney f0r breast cancer at the sch00l we attend

  94. quiero votar @therealICIELYNN

  95. no one supports breast cancer more than @therealICIELYNN i know she has a grandmother that has it & she teaches students who have mothers with it. She is a very helpful person and she really cares. -B

  96. da problem chile Says:

    @shegotcakes @down2thelow @dabeigeone are da winners!

  97. sanitygurlz Says:

    you have to go with @therealicielynn she has everything breast cancer so she can support anyway she can.

  98. @therealICIELYNN should win

  99. @WeeLowry Says:

    You have to vote for @desolationway for #misstwitternovember . I’m biased but you’ll never meet or chat with a more friendly, funny and beautiful woman. Guarranteed to have fun anytime you tweet with her! She’s always ready to listen and laugh, tho she does have her serious side and is seriously helping promote Breast Cancer Awareness. So please vote for @desolationway and help make her proper Twitter Royalty, nobody deserves it more than she does!!!!

  100. casting my vote to @theRealICIELYNN

  101. I think @_zafrina_ should be nominated and in this thing!


  103. Im nominating myself for miss Twitter!
    Not only am I @Iwantaboobjob trying to raise funds for my Boob job but have vowed that for every R1000 i raise R100 will go Breast cancer awareness! FHM South Africa posted my letter and picture trying to get people to donate!! so pls vote for me

  104. I nominate @Desolationway for Miss Twitter! Yea!

  105. @Desolationway

  106. my $$ is on @therealICIELYNN cuz she always helpin someone out lol

  107. Kelly obrien Says:

    I would like to vote @desolationway for miss twitter for November..Miranda is a wonderful person. And, of all my followers, she’s one of the few I look forward to actually talking to.. She’s not just a follower.. @desolationway= miss twitter

  108. im going with my girl @therealicielynn

  109. @desolationway gets my vote!!!!!!!

  110. I think @therealicielynn should win she has it all!

  111. @therealicielynn , GO & TELL A FRIEND!!!

  112. Floetry Catnap Says:


  113. i vote magistercass

  114. Rob Smith Says:

    No contest I vote MagisterCass, what an amazing woman!

  115. Steve Price ENTERTAINMENTS Says:

    WONDERFUL COMPETITION! MagisterCass gets my vote.

  116. Tot Johnson Says:

    Fabulous MagisterCass, no competition, declare her the winner today!

  117. Mick the Producer Says:

    No 1 Lady MagisterCass gets my vote, she puts the shocking into pink!

  118. Yes definitely my vote goes to MagisterCass!

  119. I will vote for @desolationway who as the Pink Prism has breast cancer awareness is year round. Add that to the fact she always has her twitter smile on and is the sweetnness in everyones jam.

  120. @Desolationway all the way !!! What a fantastic woman and and a great friend !!!

  121. 9inchcurve Says:

    I nominate @SheGotCake because she promotes breast cancer awareness to the fullest and is very sexy

  122. yall crazy, um voting for @TheRealICIELYNN she show luv, support and she deserves it, all day long.

  123. Scottscat Says:

    I nominate @SheGotCake. She is gorgeous and I only found her and began to follow her because she was tweeting so much about breast cancer! @SHEGOTCAKE for Miss Twitter!

    Che’s gorgeous! Che’s a great spokesperson for the cause!

  124. Well… as I nominated myself last week… @followteamusa I would like to answer the animal and bird questions.

    Firstly… the animal.. I am most definately a giraffe… I am tall, athletic with a gentle nature. Also graceful with lovely long legs.

    Now the bird… I think I am a flamingo… again, graceful with long legs, rather shy on occasions and also very pink in accordance with Breast Cancer Awareness which is what this is all about.

    So girls… lets all be flamingos and make everyone aware of the dangers of Breast Cancer.
    Vote for @followteamUSA for Mrs Twitter!

  125. I vote for @shegotcake she has been raising awareness for breast cancer via #thinkpinkBCA #JGF4BreastCancerAM
    So many informative, positive tweets & resources.

  126. @THEREALICIELYNN is gonna be ur best bet idk why yall dont know that by now ???

  127. I vot3 th3 wond3rful >*>*>*>*>*>*>*>*>*>*> @Therealicielynn

  128. I will be voting 4 @therealicielynn for the miss twitter competetion. EVERYBODAY VOTE FOR HER SHE WONT LET U DOWN AS MISS TWITTER!!!

  129. Voting for @therealicielynn…! She’s a bad be-ahch!

  130. Vote 4 @therealicielynn

  131. 1^ 4 @therealICIELYNN

  132. vote 4 @THEREALICIELYNN vote 4 @THEREALICIELYNN vote 4 @THEREALICIELYNN <<<< she makes everyone put pink breast cancer ribbons on her twitcon she will make ppl pay to help out to

  133. V0tin f0 >~>~>~> @THEREALICIELYNN <~<~<~<~ V0tin f0 *~*~*~*@therealicielynn *~*~*~*

  134. Melissa Mac Says:

    SheGotCake is doing the best job of promoting Breast Cancer awareness.

    Big UP!!! @xomelissamac

  135. david @WeeLowry Says:

    My vote is for @desolationway .Friend of the stars and cheeky to the bone, nobody on twitter is cheekier than her. But you’ll never be offended, her wit and charm gets her responses from some of the most famous tweeps on the planet.(Check her favourites list) Also has a passion for promoting #BCA . So proud to call her my girlfriend and the best friend a guy could have. Luv ya loads Miranda and good luck!!!!

  136. I’m casting my vote for @SheGotCake. Very sincere young lady. Good luck.

  137. Shegotcake should win miss twitter

  138. I cast my vote for @shegotcake.
    Very sincere young lady. Good luck.

  139. I nominate @SheGotCake for Miss Twitter, she is doing an amazing job with everything, and she really deserves it.

  140. I nominate @SheGotCake for miss twitter..she’s drop dead gorgeous!

  141. Oops I mean I vote and nominate @SheGotCake for Miss Twitter because she is doing any amazing job with everything she is doing. And she deserves it.

  142. vote for @SheGotCake

  143. Hi sound points.. now why didn’t i think of these? Off issue to some extent, is this page template really from a normal installation or do you use a custom template. I have a very good webpage i am seeking to enhance and well the visuals is likely one of the foremost things to undertake on my list.

  144. luigiferFM Says:

    My vote goes to @shegotcake . Hope she wins

  145. I am voting for @therealICIELYNN


  147. my vote is for the real Icie Lynn

  148. Ten people in the Division and we ALL vote for @EAwrite. She lost a loved one to it and worked hard to increase and support Breast Cancer Awareness and all types of cancer! She was Miss Latina and is such a sweet girl! Check her Twitter stream and blog: Her idea to contact the Ashton, Demi, and one other MAJOR player to help! America Ferrara on board for cause! VOTE @EAwrite for Miss Twitter!!!
    She put together a walk in a CT town raised over 2500 plus media! Senator Jim Himes was there!

    • TeddyBear Smith Says:

      Yo my man MagisterCass, vote for the one who stands out from the crowd

      • That would be @EAwrite She didn’t nominate herself (like the rest) and does this all year. Check her blog and stream for how she’s promoted. Get the facts! She stands out from the crowd! VOTE @EAwrite “my man”.

        @EAwrite @EAwrite @EAwrite @EAwrite @EAwrite @EAwrite

        w/mine that covers our section of company!

    • Roy Watkins Says:

      MagisterCass should win this competition and gets my vote

  149. I vote @EAwrite for Miss Twitter! I head the IT division! Met her. Awesomeness!!!

  150. mr perfect Says:

    @therealicielynn is gonna take the GOLD!

  151. The contest winner should most defiantly be @therealicielynn she is awesome and i think breast cancer is the only cause she puts her whole heart into. She really is in to helping and raising money.

  152. i vote for therealicielynn

  153. I’m voting for @TheRealICIELYNN she’s intelligent, world politics conscious, a humanitarian, beautiful, and passionate about life!

  154. Kiss_Myconverse Says:

    I vote for @TheRealICIELYNN =) xoxoxo

  155. Joe Sob Story Says:

    I vote for @followteamusa for Mrs Twitter…. she is a funny, caring girl who is promoting breast cancer awareness on her page which is now bright pink! You won’t meet a nicer gal!



  157. candi girls Says:

    we love @therealicielynn!!!!!

  158. Hi I’m jc76 from twitter I’d like to be crowned Ms Twitter, why? Because my great friends here have told me I cheer them up, that I’m honest & go for my dreams no matter what, plus I’m not bad on the eye either, I’m humble but not so humble that I don’t know that I have what it takes to win 🙂

  159. I should also be considered for Ms Twitter as I believe I’m a good role model for our younger tweeters, no drugs or potty mouth here 🙂 I also campaign for cancer awareness & arthritis awareness my mum suffered cancer & passed away like so many of our loved ones & I have a unusual type of arthritis so am a good ambassador to teach everyone about it & how to live a full life with it xxx keep dancing & loving no matter what xxx love Julie @jc76

  160. I have been speaking to people affected by cancer since mum got diagnosed in 1999 trying to make every day count,& be there when they want to talk or vent, everyone deals with their diagnoses differently, it’s a very personal thing, but we can be there for support & also for cuddles 🙂

  161. Oh and if I were an animal I would be a Persian pussy cat so I could be stroked all day & play with all the other cats  love julie xx

  162. Helloo,
    I want to nominate for Mr. Twitter @joeygiggles and for Ms. Twitter @SheGotCake for the November contest.
    I am a law graduate and NGO’s working in chief and social worker here for the cause of the poor and painful causes.
    My both candidte are going to win it is sure.

  163. @therealicielynn gets our vote today

  164. Mikayla @Dirty_Mikayla Says:

    My vote is for my lovely Mistress @MagisterCass for Miss Twitter November because she is the most caring person I have ever met, she is a total sweetheart, she’s honest and will tell it how it is & I love her very dearly. She is always there when I need her well when anybody needs her & she will talk to anybody just give her a shout. She is a lot of fun to play with and if you follow her you will find out… we do put on quite the show *winks*

    @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass @MagisterCass


  165. In support of breast cancer awareness month.. October 2010 why don’t we all support the pink flamingo @followteamusa and turn our pages pink to show our support for this brilliant cause.
    Add a twibbon to your avatar on Twitter and Face book.
    Post links to cancer awareness sites and wear pink on your clothing. Every little helos in fighting this terrible disease.

    • Buzz Hopkins Says:

      There’s only one person who wears her twibbon the right way and she definitely gets my vote and every other hot-blooded male’s vote throughout the world. MagisterCass for Miss Twitter. She has got to win. there’s no other possible outcome to this competition.


  167. This is @ibleedmoney aka STERLIN GATES Droppin my vote for @TheRealICIELYNN fos Mss twitter

  168. I would like to day I am very impressed with all who have entered this month competition. Everyone at some point in life has been touched by a form of Cancer. I am honored to be able to be a part of this wonderful contest for a worthy cause. I thank you all for the opportunity to to share this moment with you. I thank @BlogginJoe for getting me started with it. The fight against Breast Cancer is a never ending battle. Together we can all stand our ground. I am proud of each and everyone of you for your continued efforts. Keep up the good work.
    DawnMarie aka Bondage_Girl

  169. votes in for @therealicielynn she gonna take it for November

  170. I would like to say I am very impressed with all who have entered this month competition. Everyone at some point in life has been touched by a form of Cancer. I am honored to be able to be a part of this wonderful contest for a worthy cause. I thank you all for the opportunity to to share this moment with you. I thank @BlogginJoe for getting me started with it. The fight against Breast Cancer is a never ending battle. Together we can all stand our ground. I am proud of each and everyone of you for your continued efforts. Keep up the good work.
    DawnMarie aka Bondage_Girl


  171. You might as well put @therealicielynn on the pay roll because shes gonna work the hardest to support breast cancer I VOTE ICIE

  172. @therealICIELYNN go girl u got it forget the rest!!! Im voting for u and I see everyone else is so dont let no one stop u from winning this… I know u deserve it. – ❤ matt

  173. miss twitter @TheRealICIELYNN

  174. Got 2 go with @therealicielynn on this 1 she is working really hard 2 raise money for breast cancer already so its only right i vote for her

  175. i hope this is where i vote. I would like to vote for @Therealicielynn

  176. Billy Ross Says:

    Im a nice & real person who gives back by volunteering to help! I’m not a rich guy or the knockout in the crowd but I can make you laugh I can make you smile & I can make your heart sigh! So if you are looking take a deepr look at me!

  177. putting my vote in to miss @theRealICIELYNN

  178. i vote for @TheRealICIELYNN

  179. I want to vote for @TheRealICIELYNN wayne horne

  180. Vote @TheRealICIELYNN

  181. I vote for @TheRealICIELYNN

  182. Im Voting for @TheRealICIELYNN hands down and follow me on twitter @Charliebreal_ for new R&B music


  184. voting @therealicielynn

  185. Im Putting My Vote In For @TheRealIcieLynn

  186. I vote for @shegotcake for the Miss twitter spot. Why? coz she’s miss fine *** , if that doesn’t answer ya, you might aswell ask her yourself…{σ_~}

  187. I vote for @shegotcake for Miss Twitter

  188. I vote for @dabeigeone for Mr Twitter

  189. I’m in @Cindy_444.

  190. voting for @therealicielynn

  191. voting for @bobby_8

  192. Marci M Milan Says:

    We are Casting votes for @shegotcake and @dabeigeone. Che’works tirelessly in the community organizing fund raisers, walks, Drives to raise awareness. At last weeks HS football game all of the players, staff, volunteers, and fans Donned pink in support of the #ThinkPinkBCA. We were able to supply the visiting team with Pink wrist, head & armbands, that were purchased during the game so the other team wouldn’t feel left out! All thanks to Che’ & Day! They don’t talk much about their efforts, so I had to make it known! @dabeigeone & @shegotcake deserve to be recrowned Mr & Ms Twitter. Their online Breast Cancer Awareness can be tracked through #thinkpinkbca & #savethatatas. Good luck guys, God Bless You All!

  193. Lina Perez Says:

    Casting a vote for @shegotcake plse!!!

  194. mr money man Says:

    voting 4 @therealicielynn

  195. Chalease B Says:

    i am voting for the real ICIE LYNN

  196. voting @therealicielynn for the breast cancer twitter queen lol

  197. casting my vote for @therealicielynn

  198. Avrim Wallace Says:

    #misstwitter @therealicielynn gets my vote

  199. my vote goes to @therealicielynn for miss twitter and breast cancer awareness

  200. @therealicielynn *******VOTE FOR HER*************

  201. Debbie Donato Says:

    I Nominate @barackobama for Mr Twitter!

    Because he’s a great president!

  202. We, my family and I vote for @EAwrite for Miss Twitter! She’s involved with big names on Twitter and is/was Miss Press for BlogWorld where they raised over 20k clicks for cancer research! Got the ok from the wife to say this but she’s not just hot!! (You have no idea guys b/c she’s a pro who lets her work do the talking not her amazingly long legs! Check her blog! She walks red carpets for the cause!) She’s always professional, funny and the sweetest gal around! Check out her Tweets! She has the biggest heart. So vote:
    Trust us, she deserves it!!!

  203. @roadieGabih Says:

    I vote for @therealicielynn

  204. I think I should be nominated for Mrs. Twitter November because I know I can raise awareness of Breast Cancer to all of my followers and future followers. I have had some family friends to have Breast Cancer and win the battle so it is a very dear subject to me. I also have a family history of Cancer in general so raising awareness will be something I would gladly proud of doing. So I hope u will consider me as a candidate for Mrs. Twitter November thank you.

  205. @therealicielynn for #misstwitter

  206. I think @therealicielynn should be the winner

  207. Just follow @KattaContreras & U will see why I’m the Twitter Goddess ;o) #muchlove In other words I nominate myself lol love ya’ll

  208. Denise de'Coteau Says:

    I’m nominating @Oprah for Miss Twitter.

    @JustinBieber for Mr Twitter.

    @AliciaKeys for Mrs. Twitter.

    They’re great role models, who support the cause.

  209. Vote 4 @shegotcake @dabeigeone @down2thelow the team that supports breast cancer awareness at

  210. realmikecaesar Says:

    my vote is for @shegotcake

  211. Hi! I’m Erika aka @EAwrite I haven’t posted anything b/c actions speak louder than words. Mine on my stream and one of three blogs. Check it:
    I commend the girls and guys who helped the cause. Best of luck to all participants. Man, I love Twitter:) Sweet Dreams.
    Final note:
    Bottom line, Vote @EAwrite for Miss Twitter. I’m the lioness and the eagle. ’nuff said!

  212. Miss_C_Forbes Says:

    i would like to nomiate myself because im a very lovable and caring person to all i try my best to help out others with there problems i am a good listener to all my followers and i wish to support Breast Cancer and to the people that have been affected by it

  213. My vote for Miss Twitter is @SheGotCake. She Shows a lot of support. i applaud you for that !

  214. I vote @shegotcake

  215. I nominate my lover, Caroline Forbes — @Miss_C_Forbes — to be Miss Twitter.

    Caroline is the sweetest, kindest, loving, gorgeous woman in the world. She is my life, my everything.

    We live across from Berkeley Square in London, a quiet, peaceful life, making love often throughout the day. We are so happy, so in love.

    Damon Salvatore

  216. Gonzalo Arreola Jr. Says:

    I vote 4 Miss Twitter @shegotcake she is great.

  217. i vote for @SheGotCake because we had a meaningful conversation about breast cancer. i told her my mother is a survivor and she really took time out to really give me and my mother ongoing support, she is very knowledgable about the subject and very easy to talk to about it. she and her team has my full support and best wishes!


  218. I would like to put my vote for @therealcelynn she is really n to helping breast cancer

  219. @therealicelynn should win miss twitter she is really a sweet girl with lovely work ethic

  220. I am putting my vote n for @therealicielynn

  221. Do you think I desirve the title ms Twitter? Vote for me then ;o)

  222. I’d like to nominate @mrs_jigsaw1 plz. As she’s a great person who always thinks of others b4 herself. And in such short amount of time, we’ve become close.
    Plus she’s buyin a breast cancer charity calendar & showin her support 🙂

  223. I vote @shegotcake for miss twitter

  224. @shegotcake @dabeigeone is there any doubt???

  225. @iBE_T1tSlaPPiN Says:

    I don’t only recognize breast cancer on the month of it.I recognize it all year around.Being a young women raised in a family with high risk of getting breast cancer is nerve racking.Not only breast cancer runs in my family but other cancer does…Lost my grandpa to bone cancer ..Lost my uncle to lung cancer..

  226. @iBE_T1tSlaPPiN Says:


  227. Brenda Sheehan Says:

    I VOTE FOR @Desolationway for MISS TWITTER

  228. I’d like to nominate @Desolationway for Miss Twitter- a wonderfully kind person… Vote Miranda!

  229. I vote 4 SheGotCake.. Cos,she got spreadn ability… She is health concious…

  230. This is Peyts, drummer & percussionist for Streets of Hastings.

    My vote is for @desolationway… she’s fantastic, very engaged & committed… she got a super personality, and is able to convincingly promote her causes, such ad Breast Cancer Awareness.


  231. I vote for @beebeeberry21..cos I know am capable..and can do more than any other person

  232. Brenda Sheehan Says:

    I want to VOTE FOR @Desolationway for MISS TWITTER

  233. Malina414 Says:

    i vote for @Miss_C_Forbes for MISS TWITTER!!!

  234. Brenda Sheehan Says:

    I cast a VOTE FOR @Desolationway for MISS TWITTER

  235. I would like to vote for @therealicielynn as #misstwitter she supports breast cancer awareness. She is a really wonderful person also

  236. Fasion Miller Says:

    iii am votiiing 4 @therealicielynn she griiinds hard and she deserves to wiiin

  237. I’d love to put my vote in for #misstwitter and that would be @therealicielynn

  238. Brenda Sheehan Says:

    I would like to VOTE FOR @Desolationway for MISS TWITTER.

  239. #vote @therealicielynn is my MISS TWITTER

  240. @therealicielynn is who i vote for

  241. checking in for @therealicielynn to win she has the most support for breast cancer

  242. My Vote is for @therealicielynn she is wonderful

  243. votign for miss lil lady @therealicieynn for the brest cancer mis twitter

  244. Hello. Great job. I did not expect this on a Wednesday. This is a great story. Thanks!

  245. #Vote @SheGotCake

  246. This isn’t a popularity contest! This si fr whose making a difference! Educating & giving back! @Shegotcake is the only 1 doing that! She started the #Savethatatas hashtag! She’s been going hard Nonstop! She is Miss Twitter!
    @dabeigeone for Mr Twitter

  247. SheGotCake Gots My Vote

  248. cock_asian Says:

    vote for @iBE_t1tslappin

  249. Brenda Sheehan Says:

    I will VOTE 4 @Desolationway for MISS TWITTER

  250. Voting for @shegotcake @dabeigeone @down2thelow Thanks #SaveThaTatas

  251. @shegotcake @dabeigeone are raising awareness more than anyone else! Even their slogan #Savethatatas is innovative! They’re getting everyone involved & informed! They were an absolute riot at the Walk at Central park on Sunday! Cheering us on & making it fun! Vote for them they deserve it!

  252. Julia Schenk Says:

    Vote for Che’ & Day!
    The Perfect Couple, they do everything together! Raising funds, awareness, business, educating, motivating & they want to help #savethatatas!
    Casting votes for @shegotcake @dabeigeone

  253. Giani & Gia Says:

    @dabeigeone & @shegotcake
    Hands down WINNERS!

  254. Shegotcake & dabeigeone Mr & Miss Twitter.

  255. Che’raised $5000 from our Company for Breast Cancer Research. We walked alongside her to support the cause. She clearly has what it takes to b re crowed Miss Twitter. @shegotcake

  256. Voting for my Jersey Girl @SheGotCake! 1 of the Best Promoters in the business!
    She deserves to win.
    She has been promoting Breast Cancer Awareness nonstop!
    She is Miss Twitter

  257. I Vote 4 @shegotcake she’s sincere and working hard for breast cancer awareness

  258. I @DaReaLiST87 believes that @SheGotCake should be Miss Twitterfor the month of November. To m3 she is the best canidate to repeat for the month of November. Plus, she keeps me and the rest of her many followers updated with Breast Cancer Awareness Month. She the best point blank, so lets repeat @SheGotCake and name her as Novembers Miss twitter.

  259. Vote 4 ====>>> @iBE_T1tSlaPPiN

  260. Brenda Sheehan Says:

    I cast a big VOTE for @Desolationway for MISS TWITTER!!!

  261. I Vote For @iBE_T1tSlappin For Miss Twitter! Tell me she aint bad! ❤ She deserve that

  262. I’m coming thru to cast a vote for my girl @iBE_T1tSlaPPiN
    She needs to win muah good luck

  263. Brenda Sheehan Says:

    I would like to VOTE for @Desolationway for MISS TWITTER!!

    She is a friend of Hugh Hefner, and Boy George follows her, and she loves Pink Floyd 🙂

  264. Brenda Sheehan Says:

    Another VOTE for @Desolationway for MISS TWITTER! 🙂

  265. i vote for @shegotcake for ms. twitter

  266. I Vote 4 @shegotcake she’s sincere and working hard for breast cancer awareness

  267. michele Lei Says:

    I vote for @SheGotCake & @Dabeigeone. The best at Breast Cancer Awareness promotions!

  268. @SheGotCake & @Dabeigeone Hands Down Winners! No Question!

  269. I vote for @SheGotCake

  270. LV Da Don Says:

    I vote for @SheGotCake, She’s The BEST!

  271. Votin 4 @SheGotCake @Dabeigeone #savethatatas

  272. I vote for @SheGotCake & @Dabeigeone

  273. Anayaae' Anjee Says:

    Che’ & Day! @SheGotCake & @DaBeigeOne get my votes!

  274. SheGotCake is A Cut Above the Competition. She is so Focused & Driven!
    I just read her Blog at It was excellent, she is very well spoken, eloquent and presents herself well.

    I had no idea she was such a powerhouse.
    She gets my vote and anyone who, has a doubt check her timeline and blog and you will see she is 110% into the cause!
    She is a Marketing Whiz!

  275. Shegotcake. period. point blank!

  276. Bamboo Joint Says:

    I vote for @SheGotCake & @Dabeigeone

  277. I vote 4 @SheGotCake & @Dabeigeone

  278. Lucci Creeno Says:

    I vote for @SheGotCake & @Dabeigeone

  279. dabeigeone & Shegotcake Mr & Mrs Twitter

  280. @Dabeigeone @Shegotcake @down2thelow

  281. I am voting for @therealicielynn she has been busting ass for breast cancer

  282. my #savethetatas vote goes to miss @therealicielynn I want to see her take it she deserves it the most

  283. drew jackson Says:

    my vote for miss twitter is gonna be @therealicielynn she is the best no lie

  284. im voting for @therealicielynn to keep her in the lead

  285. My vote goes to the lovely @TheRealIcieLynn her efforts to breast cancer are endless and she has a great heart. She helps everyone with positive energy and I am sure her healing words have helped out a lot of breast cancer patients. Her grandmother also suffers with breast cancer so i know this is really important to her

  286. 1) @iBE_T1tSlaPPiN
    2) Twitter.Com/JoshMiami
    3) She would be more like a cute panda! only because panda’s are cute and so is she! I’ll hug her anyday
    4) My favorite bird is a Falcon because I’m living in atlanta right now n i like the football team.

    5) I Think she should win because her personality and looks explains it all! She Beautiful N Have Big Boobs N She’s Joining This Contest For A Reason! Much Love 2 Her 🙂

    This Is @JoshMiami

  287. I will vote for @therealicielynn

  288. So when I read this and what you guys were trying to get across I think @therealicielynn should win. She really will be the best winner for anything involving breast cancer awareness…

  289. hazel haze Says:

    hottt mama @theREALicielynn should win for November

  290. @dabeigeone @shegotcake @down2thelow for Twitter Royalty!

  291. @dabeigeone @shegotcake

  292. @dabeigeone @shegotcake @dabeigeone @shegotcake @dabeigeone @shegotcake @dabeigeone @shegotcake @dabeigeone @shegotcake @dabeigeone @shegotcake @dabeigeone @shegotcake @dabeigeone @shegotcake @dabeigeone @shegotcake @dabeigeone @shegotcake

  293. kindercare Says:

    This isnt a popularity Contest. Vote for the ones educating and raising awareness for such an important cause. @dabeigeone @shegotcake

  294. @dabeigeone @shegotcake gets my votes

  295. Tha Dopest #savethatatas @dabeigeone @shegotcake

  296. Without doubt @dabeigeone & @shegotcake….no competition.

  297. For immediate Release
    Newsflash: Fujifilm to fight breast cancer!
    By @EAwrite
    Fujifilm will donate $1 when you share your story of how breast cancer has affected your life and $2 for each story accompanied by a photo or if you submit a video story.
    Post and visit

  298. gotta show love to @dabeigeone & @shegotcake..of course they’re gonna take this..

  299. There’s no doubt that the Jersey Crew @SheGotCake @DaBeigeOne ARE THE WINNERS!

  300. @Dabeigeone & @SheGotCake are encouraging us to take care of our bodies and be proactive about our Health. They have my vote!

  301. SheGotCakes & Dabeigeone
    4 Sho! DAYDAY When can I taste ya Cake?

  302. I don’t want to toot my own horn…oh wait – yes I do!
    I think I deserve a nomination for Mrs Twitter for October. I am a new blogger (started in August 2010) and about as recent on Twitter. My blog profiles non-profit organizations and volunteers with a goal to inspire volunteerism. I have dedicated most of my October blog posts to cancer by profiling Army of Women, Isaac’s Foundation, Be Bold/Be Bald, Project Boobies, and Posing for Pink. I promote each post on Twitter. In addition I started re-tweeting and promoting other posts I see.

    I probably can’t compete with others being nominated…but maybe I can at least get in the running 🙂

    Stacy – The Blogunteer

  303. Brittnay Boyd Says:

    I would like to thank and vote for @therealicielynn she has really been helping out breast cancer efforts

  304. Voting for my fav tweeter @therealicielynn she been saving the tatas

  305. Arcel Marquis Says:


  306. James Reed III Says:

    You have to pick @therealicielynn she deserves to win #misstwitter after her pg was hacked and she supports breast cancer better than any single person I knoe

  307. Matt C the problem Says:

    Im a @therealicielynn fan s0 i vot3 h3r

  308. PUTTING IN 1 VOTE FOR @THEREALICIELYNN mama making the breast cancer moves i c

  309. @ceddyBOSS Says:

    IM @ceddyBOSS and I wanna nominate @SheGotCake and @dabeigeone for MR&MRS Twitter cuz she has been promoting hard for the breast cancer movement nonstop!!! If anyone deserves it, its her for sure.

  310. I vote for @SheGotCake & @Dabeigeone

  311. I vote 4 @SheGotCake & @Dabeigeone

  312. Votin for @SheGotCake @Dabeigeone

  313. Casting a Vote 4 @SheGotCake & @Dabeigeone

  314. @SheGotCake & @Dabeigeone get my votes

  315. Karma Sutra Says:

    I vote for @SheGotCake & @Dabeigeone

  316. Kerrie Kean Says:

    @SheGotCake & @Dabeigeone

  317. @SheGotCake @Dabeigeone gets my vote

  318. Dabeigeone & Shegotcake get our votes

  319. Willie Stylez Says:

    @SheGotCake definitely takes the title of Miss Twitter!

  320. 1st Place @SheGotCake

  321. I vote for @EAwrite for Miss Twitter! Why?:

    1) Visit to see her work promoting breast cancer awareness. She hounds us about it!

    2) She is HOT! Sexy and wonderfully friendly. She doesn’t have to stick her boobs in your face b/c she’s confident and doesn’t need to, class act!

    3) She’s smart (a rare combo) too! PR and writing guru. She’s contacted Charities, NBC, Football players (promoted Cooley interview about his mom’s fight w/it), the NFL, the Yankees, the National Breast Cancer Society, BlogWorld click against cancer, Ashton& Demi, America Ferrara, Alyssa Milano, and has been in local papers and more!

    4) Did I mention hot?

    5) She really stands out. She has it all (no offense to other beautiful or sexy or knowledgable contestants). She’s the ONLY one who has it all (including dedication to the cause all year round)!

    Trust me! Vote:

    EAwrite EAwrite EAwrite EAwrite and EAwrite

  322. Voting for @therealicielynn she has helped me and my family deal with the effects of breast cancer that is in my mom by giving us so much info. I think she should win girl has a heart.

  323. Amber martian Says:

    checking in my vote for @thereallclelynn

  324. ^_^ no one is better then Icie lynn so my vote is for @therealicielynn

  325. i want to vote for @therealicielynn as#MISSTwitter and @shegotcake for #mstwitter i dont care as long as they both win.

  326. Gonzalo Arreola Jr. Says:

    Voting Miss Twitter @SheGotCake because she takes the title of Miss Twitter.

  327. kenneth mac Says:

    @therealicielynn has got to be the queen of breast cancer awareness month at our school she has raised over $3,000 this month to donate and I know she is going through alot right now so Icie I hope u win!


  329. the G’s Vote for our head G @therealicielynn lol her twitter is beyond gangsta lol

  330. domminick Says:

    ☛ @therealICIELYNN = #misstwitter, the others ≠

  331. dana seaman Says:


  332. #savethetatas winner is sexy @therealicielynn the whole world wants u to win ma!

  333. I Vote @EAwrite to #SaveThaTaTas She’s awesome and devoted to this worthy cause

  334. i vote for @TheRealICIELYNN

  335. Eric Ellison Says:

    I am voting for @TheRealICIELYNN because she is by far the best person ive met through twitter. It’s so easy to have a conversation with her, and she has one of the most sexiest twitcons I’ve seen on twitter

    • She isint just sexy she is raising alot of breast cancer money @therealicielynn supports the cause so i vote for her

  336. I would like to put in my vote for @therealicielynn

  337. Kieth Walker Says:

    the twitter that gets my vote is @therealicielynn

  338. @savethetatas winner should be @therealicielynn

  339. i want to place my vote for @therealicielynn

  340. Votin @therealicielynn

  341. xxK1DFL1RTxx Says:

    i think tht @iBE_T1tSlaPPiN should be miss twitter because she is the tru definition of follow for follow also because she always has somethin interesting to say she keeps my timeline boomin ^__^

    VOTE @iBE_T1tSlaPPiN for miss twitter

  342. I think that @therealicielynn should be miss twitter

  343. My vote goes to @MagistarCass

  344. The person that I feel fits best for Miss Twitter royalty is @therealicielynn

  345. I vote for @ @DaBeigeOne

  346. Gonzalo Arreola Jr. Says:

    I vote for Miss Twitter Royalty @SheGotCake #ThinkPinkBCA #Save Tha TaTas

  347. I vote for @SheGotCake for Miss Twitter Royalty #ThinkPinkBCA #SaveThaTaTas

  348. I vote for @EAwrite and you should too!

    She’s the best person who does and did it ALL for breast cancer and this contest.

  349. My nominations :- @BarackObama and @billzucker

  350. priscilla Says:

    Putting in a vote for @therealicielynn

  351. VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE Miss Twitter HERE #beatcancer #Savethatatas 🙂

  352. @SheGotCake @DabeigeOne #SaveThaTatas

  353. Miss twitter breast cancer awareness winner is going to be @therealicielynn

  354. Vote 4 @SheGotCake & DaBeigeOne

  355. @SheGotCake & Dabeigeone

  356. Taking the time out to vote and thank @therealicielynn for her breast cancer efforts this month in our community!

  357. @therealicielynn

  358. Macy Wills Says:

    I am voting 4 @therealicielynn as miss twitter november 2010

  359. Putting N my vote and it goes 2 @therealicielynn for miss twitter

  360. Hiqutipie Says:

    My vote goes 4 @SheGotcake 😉

  361. Hiqutipie Says:

    My vote goes 4 @dabeigeone 😉

  362. I don’t think it really matters who wins this contest now. What matters is we are all promoting breast cancer awareness and hopefully will save lives in the process with early detection. #savethatatas

    • i second that carol i have said that myself, we all need to make a difference we are all worthy winners……Breast cancer must be eradicated…..asap…

  363. voting for @therealicielynn

  364. miss twitter is @therealicielynn is miss twitter

  365. My vote is for @SheGotCake as she’s put her heart, soul and cake into this 🙂

  366. I have been looking around and I must say that the information provided here at,, have been stellar.


  368. My vote goes to @billzucker

  369. Tiarna lowe Says:

    I would like to vote for my mum Karenlowe for MISS TWITTER
    Because she is doing her best to help Breast Cancer Awareness
    By shouting about it on twitter, experience project, on here,She also sings with me and a group of singers in our town.
    She also does everything for me and my brother conrad who has got special needs.
    I this on here without her knowing as a surprise because i think she deserves it.
    i am trying to get my brother to vote for her too.
    Please make her miss twitter as soon as possible Because I need my laptop back.
    Tiarna x x

  370. conard lowe Says:

    my mum karen lowe should be miss twitter because she is the best mum in the world and i love her lots and she makes us nice dinners.
    from Conrad lowe.

  371. I’ve often been in love with fashion all my life so I’ve created a discussion board for business pros to come together and discuss all things fashion. Again, thank you for writing this article.

  372. Has everyone running for a title followed/friended all the judges? If not please do so! Great way to get insite to how they are thinking about the contest!!

  373. I think that @therealicielynn has put in the most efforts to raise money for breast cancer awareness.

  374. @therealicielynn should win because she promos hard for #savethetatas she sends all her followers #savethetatas Dms

  375. Votes are almost over so 3 times for @therealicielynn =)

  376. PrettyClipMimi Says:

    My VOTE Goes To @shegotcake !! She Is A Great Support Team !!! MY VOTE GOES TO @Shegotcake !!!

  377. My voting is for icie aka @therealicielynn

  378. PrettyClipMimi Says:

    My vote goes 4 @dabeigeone

  379. mis twitter royalty queen should b @therealicielynn and she loves boobs so im sure she will save as many as she can

  380. @therealicielynn is a student of mine that has put in great efforts to raise money for breast cancer awareness this month. She has been out at every street corner raising money and I just want to thank and vote for her

  381. Voting 4 @Dabeigeone & @SheGotCake

  382. Voting for Dabeigeone SheGotCake Mr&Miss Twitter

  383. Voting 4 @Dabeigeone & @SheGotCake
    Voting 4 @Dabeigeone & @SheGotCake
    Voting 4 @Dabeigeone & @SheGotCake
    Voting 4 @Dabeigeone & @SheGotCake

  384. @Dabeigeone & @SheGotCake Get OUR VOTES!!!

  385. @Dabeigeone & @SheGotCake for Mr & Miss Twitter

  386. Votes 4 @Dabeigeone & @SheGotCake

  387. DJ Remo Supremo Says:

    Def voting for @SheGotCake for Ms Twitter !! She been going hard all month to save the tatas !! Also @dabeigeone for Mr. Twitter the boy been going ham with #saveingthetatas !! Let’s go !!

  388. VOTE 4 @ShegotCake she goes HARD EVERYDAY ALL DAY 4 BREAST CANCER AWARENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  389. If we have to go by who is promoting the cause the best hands down @SheGotCake is the Winner. Check out her TimeLine & see for yourself. #Savethatatas. Voting for @shegotcake

  390. Voting for @shegotcake @dabeigeone

  391. Shegotcake dabeigeone 4sho!

  392. @shegotcake and @dabeigeone flood timelines with breast cancer info! Kudos!

  393. narscissus Says:

    shegotcake & dabeigeone

  394. SheGotCake Not because of her Assets, but because she is a Promo Dynamo! The way she lures you in, and effectively markets the product! Advertising at its Finest! Please check out her blog at Get to know Che’ and vote for her, she deserves the Crown! @Shegotcake for Miss Twitter November 2010!

  395. dabeigeone & shegotcake for the Twitter royalty.

  396. @shegotcake @dabeigeone @down2thelow for Miss, Mr & Mrs Twitter

  397. Sasha Fierce Says:

    @Dabeigeone loves boobies so I’m voting for him.
    I suspect @shegotcake loves boobies too so I’ll vote 4 her too 🙂

  398. My vote is for @SheGotCake she has put all her cake into raising awareness for breast cancer.

  399. Voting for The Dynsmic Duo of @Shegotcake & @Dabeigeone

  400. Voting for @SheGotCake

  401. Tamera Jones Says:

    Miss twitter is @therealicielynn

  402. Sean green Says:

    the sexy @TheRealICIELYNN needs to win for november miss twitter royalty contest she has been working all month for this so i hope she wins -BEST WISHES-

  403. Morgan Earls Says:


  404. Charles G Says:

    Sendiing miss twitter ❤ to @therealicielynn she gets mii vot3!

  405. I hope its not too late to vote for @therealicielynn

  406. @TheRealICIElynn @TheRealICIElynn @TheRealICIElynn @TheRealICIElynn @TheRealICIElynn @TheRealICIElynn @TheRealICIElynn @TheRealICIElynn @TheRealICIElynn @TheRealICIElynn @TheRealICIElynn @TheRealICIElynn @TheRealICIElynn @TheRealICIElynn @TheRealICIElynn @TheRealICIElynn @TheRealICIElynn @TheRealICIElynn @TheRealICIElynn @TheRealICIElynn @TheRealICIElynn @TheRealICIElynn @TheRealICIElynn @TheRealICIElynn @TheRealICIElynn @TheRealICIElynn @TheRealICIElynn @TheRealICIElynn @TheRealICIElynn @TheRealICIElynn @TheRealICIElynn @TheRealICIElynn @TheRealICIElynn @TheRealICIElynn @TheRealICIElynn @TheRealICIElynn @TheRealICIElynn @TheRealICIElynn @TheRealICIElynn @TheRealICIElynn

  407. my vote is for @therealicielynn she deserves full support

  408. Dyrell Jones Says:

    @therealicielynn is all for saving boobs

  409. puttin n my vote @thereslicielynn 4 twitter

  410. kamellia Robertz Says:


  411. going with voting 4 @therealicielynn she is very supportive of breast cancer awareness month

  412. bigbootymaria Says:

    I am voting for @SheGotCake ….just because I love her
    Ms.November yesssss

  413. Vote @therealicielynn


    Happy voting to all but we want @TheRealIcieLynn to be our november #misstwitter #saveTheTatas

  415. @shegotcake @dabeigeone

  416. Holly Gardner Says:

    My Nominee is @ElizabethMcGraw she is a #Breast #Cancer survivor; and is fighting Negli’s Aplastic Anemia now. She is so inspirational in her tweets. She provides information about #Early detection ; and eating tips; lifestyle changes ; support of research ; and is a Former Model; Pro Cheerleader;
    She returns all her messages..and has her MySpace linked to Twitter; the MySpace tells girls that looking like Models look isn’t normal, and to love themselves as they are.
    Each night she leaves up an inspirational message to life my spirits. I entered her this week, my computer connection ws stopping alot..and I notice she’s not on the list yet.
    She likes to Surf; bird is Hummingbirdsre dainty and lovely-;She’s a Pet Tiger -loving of all, but ferocious when someone hurts others. And very protective & Loyal

  417. I am voting for @SheGotCake

  418. I hope voting is still going I would like to vote for @therealicielynn

  419. Putting in my vote for @therealicielynn yall vote for her its the last day to get your votes in

  420. Alicia Wett Says:


  421. Ashleigh hill Says:

    everyone over here is voting @therealicielynn for our miss twitter for breast cancer awareness

  422. I vote for @shegotcake & @dabeigeone they are doing a great Job raising Awareness!

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  427. @Martin – I very much concur with what you are saying here though one has to contemplate all aspects of the argument. We can all be a bit guilty of adopting a somewhat narrow-minded view to these issues and for the most part, stepping back and observing the ‘bigger picture’ can almost always turn out optimistic results.

  428. sparticusian Says:

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  432. sparticusian Says:

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  433. Nice design, what is the name of template ?

  434. Thank you for the opportunity to spread the word about breast cancer awareness through the contest. Congratulations to everyone who participated. I am honored to have been chosen runner-up out of so many wonderful participants.

    Please remember to continue the fight against breast cancer beyond October! An ounce of prevention and all. Too many remain needlessly undiagnosed and every penny can be used for research to help those who have been.

    Special thanks to @BlogginJoe and the judges for their work and time.

    Best Always,

    (Aka @EAwrite)

  435. Great initiative! We are together!

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